What is the Dogitarian Award?

Miranda’s People established  the DOGITARIAN AWARD incentive and recognition program to acknowledge the contributions of individuals and organizations in support of Miranda’s People and its Mission.

  • The Dogitarian Award is presented biennially to recognize and celebrate an individual or an organization that exemplifies outstanding commitment to the Miranda’s People overall mission - fighting canine cancer. This can be shown by assisting financially-challenged dog parents secure funding to pay for treatment for their dogs that are battling cancer, or by devoting extraordinary service in fighting canine cancer through research, treatment, volunteer efforts, or philanthropy.

  • The Dogitarian Award program can also recognize a very special dog who has demonstrated through spirit, service, and/or courage the very reason why these extraordinary beings hold such a special place, not just in our lives, but in our hearts - and accordingly, demonstrates the reason why Miranda's People exists.






2022 Dogitarian Award Recipient     

Miranda's People is pleased to announce Three Dog Bakery Encino has been named our 2022 DOGITARIAN AWARD recipient!

Three Dog Bakery Encino is not just a bakery . . . it is a Magical place!  Enter their doors and you will find not only healthy, delicious, and beautifully decorated bakery goods for your pups, an amazing collection of clothes for fashion-conscious dogs and even t-shirts for dog-lovers, and toys, toys, toys that your dog will “beg” for -- BUT you will also find what we think really differentiates this wonderful Bakery and makes it Magical --- and that is its extraordinary owners!

Shane & Karen Hoggard could have stopped at just having a wonderful bakery, but they didn’t.  In addition to providing all these luscious treats, they also spend tireless hours fundraising throughout the year to raise money to save and improve the lives of Dogs - the incredible furry beings who devote their lives to us.  Among other wonderful nonprofits, Miranda’s People has been the beneficiary of their generosity for the last 4 years. Miranda’s People began awarding grants in 2018, and Three Dog Bakery Encino was there helping us raise money to assist financially challenged dog parents pay for life-saving treatment for their dogs that were battling cancer.



That is why - this year, we are honored to present the Miranda’s People 2022 Dogitarian Award to Three Dog Bakery Encino for their dedication to fighting canine cancer and for their support of Miranda’s People in this endeavor. To put it simply . . . Shane & Karen, you truly make this world a better place - not only for our precious dogs, but for all the people who love them!


2020 Dogitarian Award Recipient

Miranda's People is pleased to announce Free Animal Doctor [FAD] has been named our inaugural DOGITARIAN AWARD recipient.

FAD is a truly wonderful 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in Sierra Madre, California, founded by Sam Bernardo and Ryan Boyd, that not only provides - Free Crowdfunding Services for pets requiring medical attention, a Low-Cost Mobile Pet Clinic, and a Dog Rescue - it also has cultivated a special relationship with Miranda's People because of FAD's sensitivity to the unique financial needs of dogs fighting cancer.

Through this seamless partnership of Free Animal Doctor's Crowdfunding and Miranda's People Grants, many dogs - needing cancer treatment - were not only able to get their medical needs met, they were able to do so more quickly.

Miranda's People is honored to present the 2020 Dogitarian Award to Free Animal Doctor.



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